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CQ International Magazine, in conjunction with its operating partners, has teamed up with mobile communication companies, True Mobile in Thailand and Vodaphone in India (reaching 200+ million), putting the reading experience of CQ Magazine into the hands of more people, even when they are on the move.

Our partners are in talks with other mobile communication organisations around the world and we should soon see many more fruitful partnerships emerging.

This is great news for YOU, the authors and artists of the world, you can now get your work in front of millions more potential customers, wherever they are, whatever they are doing.

Add this to CQ Magazine’s recent expansion of its distribution network, CQ is now available in 175 countries with Magzter, and CQ’s current subscriber readership in over 79 countries, you will see why you should be using CQ International Magazine as part of your marketing stratergy.

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Conservation RedList – OUT NOW

Conservation RedList is FREE to READ

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YOU can help protect and preserve these animals by gifting Conservation RedList a token amount, even a single dollar would help in the fight for survival.

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  1.  Entry into the CQ Short Story Challenge expresses agreement to these terms, conditions & rules of the CQ Short Story Challenge.
  2. Entry is free of charge. Only one entry per person per challenge.
  1. All entries must be submitted in word doc.or dox. format.
  2. Line spacing to be 1.5.
  3. No paragraph indentations.
  4. Typeface/font must be 12pt Times Roman, with no indentations. Maximum 1,500 words (Sent as an attachment to the email)
  1. Entrants name and email must be shown above the stories title, along with the word count and challenge number/name.
  1. All entries must be submitted via our email:
  1. All submissions must be received by the deadline. Any entries received after the deadline has expired will not be eligible for entry.
  1. All entrants agree, give and allow CQ International Magazine the rights to reproduce their submitted short story within a CQ Magazine officially supported anthology at an future unspecified date.

All accepted stories will be judged ‘blind’ by the CQ reading panel. (The CQ reading panel are independent volunteers who have a passion for a good story).

This is NOT a competition, No money, prizes or rewards are offered. The Short Story Challenge is purely for fun.

CQ Magazine will announce a 1st,2nd & 3rd place and issue certificates of proof appropriate for writers personal CV/resume.

As a ‘thank you’ for entering the challange CQ Magazine will, at their discretion publish the three stories given the highest number of points by our reading panel, in future editions of CQ Magazine. The highest scoring story will also be posted on the blog sites ‘A Little More Fiction’ & ‘Brilliant Blog Share’.


By submitting your work, you are allowing CQ International Magazine to reproduce your work(s) within CQ Magazine and giving consent for CQ International to use such for marketing and promotion of both yourself/your works and CQ International, as deemed appropriate by CQ International, under free perpetual license.

Copyright remains yours at all times. CQ acts on your behalf as an intermediary and has no claim to your work(s) excepting that as stated above or agreed in writing.



Welcome to the CQ Cover Gallery.

Browse the past covers of CQ Magazine, read how the magazine has evolved, from its humble origins as a promotional medium for a writer, to a fully fledged international publication for all forms of artistic talent, with a readership in 175 countries worldwide.



This was the first ‘magazine‘ publication from the (yet to be formed) CQ stable.

You will note the title, ‘Rambling Away’ this was to keep the publication in-line with our founder’s Blog’s which all used the word ‘Rambling’ in there titles

This was in fact, just a promotional tool, a fancy newsletter for our founder, Paul White, own works!





Jan27th15JANUARY 27th 2015 

Paul White’s original publication immediately connected with other writers, who asked if they could have their works included in ‘Rambling Away‘ .

Paul kindly obliged.

This was the birth of the magazine which has now been re-named CQ Magazine.






April15APRIL 2015

This was the first edition of ‘Rambling Away‘ where we actively invited artists, other than writers, to show their works in the magazine.

This edition was the catalyst for changing the concept of the magazine to that of today’s publication.







e5b449481e20b9345f69db5c0adfc759This was the first Publication to carry the name CQ .

The original title ‘Rambling Away‘ was no longer descriptive of the content, or the direction of the magazine was taking. It  was even considered to be misleading.

Hence the name change to CQ Magazine.

Striking cover images have always been a major consideration of CQ, with the name change came the opportunity to create a new publishing style.

Using the CQ logo and vertical side-bar has allowed the creation of an ongoing, recognisable continuity to the covers of CQ Magazine.   (Click on image to read)





By November, many contributors were clamoring to showcase their works in CQ Magazine.

Reader numbers were rapidly growing around the world. In response  CQ began publishing articles in languages other than English.

This is something CQ actively encourages.

This editions cover is courtesy of digital painter, Dorothy Berry-Lound.  (click on Image to read)






This is a landmark edition of CQ.

Due to CQ‘s continual growing readership  CQ was now recognised as an international periodical publication.

 You may notice the word International  now appears within the CQ masthead to reflect its new status!

(Click on image to read)






This (Feb 2016) edition was the first to include a supplement. The ‘Special Features Extra’.

The second section of this edition shows CQ Internationals support of Conservation and Preservation of endangered species.

In this instance, the efforts of the Anti-Rhino Poaching units in Africa. 

(Click on Image to read)





MAY 2016

By the launch of the May edition, CQ Magazine was being read in Forty-Two countries around the globe.

Short story and poetry challenges, multi-lingual articles, great art, along with annual recognition awards and continued invention has increased CQ’s circulation. The latest figures showed a readership in FIFTY-SEVEN countries.


(Click on cover image to read)






August 2015

The worldwide appeal of CQ persisted, readership expands to SIXTY NINE countries and continues to attract new readership worldwide.

CQ International merges with TOAD Publishing, a high quality print book publisher and PeeJay design, a specialist book cover and art print design studio.

 The future looks an exciting one for CQ Magazine.






November 2016

This edition was the last, (at leat for the time being) to be published on our current platform.

As part of CQ Magazines growth we are moving to Magzter digital newsstand. We shall asses the changes to readership. Keeping our options open to return.

This edition saw CQ Magazine reach readers in 78 countries. A truly global publication.










Display YOUR artwork on the cover of CQ Magazine?

CQ International is running an offer to all creatives; Artists, Photographers, Illustrators, Graphic designers, or those of you who simply want to try your hand at producing a cover image.

This is not a competition or a challenge, it is just a little creative fun.


CQ will not let anyone whose image is selected, go unrewarded.

If your work is selected as a cover image for a future edition of CQ International’s Magazine, we will offer you a full-length feature within that Magazine for FREE.

 YOUR work will then be displayed around the entire globe,

not bad huh! 

Simply email us with you name and image details, include your image as a jpeg or png to

CQ International

Please mark the ‘subject‘ as CQ Cover or your entry will end up in the spam bin!




Getting inside CQ Magazine.


Advertisement formats in CQ Magazine can vary immensely.

PLEASE NOTE: These are commercial business rates.

Below are our standard sizes. Please contact us if you have other requirements.


¼ page. Standard only. £20.

1/3rd page. vertical banner only. £28

½ page. Horizontal / vertical. £35.

Full page. £70.

DPS. £120.

IFC. £80.

IBC. £75.

OBC. £180.

Other special placements add 10%


This is a paid entry, a pure advert for a particular product or service masquerading as an article by cleverly designing it into the ‘flow’ of the magazine.  £POA

Please contact CQ directly to discuss your advertorial requirements.  gb_2x3