The best news, for indie authors, artists, creatives and their support services, is the introduction of the C-club, which allows members ongoing FREE features, showcases and advertising in CQI, (subject to availability and editorial consideration.)

Membership of the C-club gives FREE access to over 50,000+ readers, in 90 countries. 

An annual, nominal membership fee of £10.00 gives annual access to FREE promotions in CQI and many associated promotions.

Please note, part of the C-club subscription fee is used for CQ International Publishing’s ‘Inspiration & Encouragement fund‘.

Joining is simple, use the Paypal Button below for your membership fee.

That’s it!


If you want to make doubly sure we know you have joined the C-club, email & inform us directly, at CQinternational@mail.com

Don’t forget to write C-club on your remittance advice & email.

We will email you back with confirmation, your C-club member’s badge and personal your membership number.


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