Advertising with CQ International


Our current offer, of FREE advertising and promotion for independent creatives is subject to the following conditions.

1, The advertiser MUST hold a vaild C-club membership to benefit from ongoing FREE promotion and marketing opportunities.

2, One Free promotional entry in CQI Magazine, may be accepted on behalf of an independent artist or writer subject to acceptance by the editor.

2, Free advertising space is allocated according to space and magazine layout. No guarantees can be given as to if, or where any advertising may appear.

3, Size and positioning of any/all free advertising is entirely at CQI’s discretion and subject the availability of advertising space.

4, All advertising content must be received before the deadline for that edition.

5, No responsibility will be taken for lost, misplaced or ‘un-received’ content.

6, No responsibility will be taken for any errors or omissions whatsovever.

7, The editors reserve the right to edit and alter any submission at their discretion.

8, The editors decision is finalon all matters.


Below are company/corporate/business advertising rates based on single edition space.

Please speak to us regarding multiple edition advertisng discounts.

Standard Advertising space.

¼ page. Standard only. £20.

1/3rd page. vertical banner only. £28

½ page. Horizontal / vertical. £35.

Full page. £70.

DPS. £120.

IFC. £80.

IBC. £75.

OBC. £180.


Other special placements add 10%


An advert for a particular product or service, masquerading as an article by cleverly designing it into the ‘flow’ of the magazine.  £POA

Please contact CQ International via their website to discuss, or book your advertising requirements. gb_2x3