Submission deadline and theme schedule.


Please note: Unless otherwise stated, final submission dates for ALL editions of CQ International Magazine is the 20th of the month preceding publication.

As part of the continued development of CQ International Magazine, forthcoming editions will have a prime theme :-

August 2017  is the ‘Summer of Fantasy’   (current issue)

November, the Christmas edition, is ‘Sci-Fi Season’ (submissions open 10th September)

February 2018, ‘A new-year of Romance’

May 2018, ‘Crime Wave’

August 2018, ‘The Horror Quarter’

Beyond which, we have nothing scheduled, just flexible ideas.

Check this blog regularly to keep updated with the latest news from CQ International Magazine. Better still, follow this blogpage and be advised whenever there is an update.

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Submissions for each edition must be made following the published guidelines.

All Indie authors, artists, creatives and support, who are members of the C-club benefit from FREE promotions.

ALL others will incur standard advertising fees. 


Attention- Sci-Fi writers, Illustrators & Artists



CQ International Magazine is giving notice the November edition will be the…

 Sci-Fi Season special edition.

CQ International Magazine is accepting submissions for this edition, from the 10th of August. Indie authors, artists & illustrators of Sci-Fi related subjects, who would like their work promoted or featured in CQ International Magazine.

Submissions from author support, such as book cover designers, formatters, editors, proof-readers, marketers and promotional services are also welcome.

This offer is FREE OF CHARGE to all independent authors, artists, creatives, small support services and small/self-publishing houses, providing you are members of the C-club.

Non C-Club members will incur standard advertising fees.

Please read the FULL submission guide HERE


Meanwhile, below is an abridge version regarding the forthcoming edition. 


The Authors feature to include a short biography & photograph.

Links to Amazon author page/fb page/website.

Large Image and promotional blurb of current book.

An extract of up to 250 words from current book.

Thumbnail images of previous books.

Hyperlinks to buy sites for books.



Short biography and photograph.

Link to website/galleries.

Up to nine artwork images (Title and descriptions optional).

Hyperlinks to buy sites/galleries.



The feature offered will be as above, but tailored to suit the individual services offered.


CQ International Magazine is the flagship publication of CQ International Publishing.

CQ  International Magazine is a recognised international digital periodical magazine with a readership in 84 countries.

Features in CQ International Magazine allow you to promote your work and services to a worldwide audience with minimum effort.

Providing you are an Indie and a member of the C-club, you will never need to pay for any promotion in any edition of CQ International Magazine.


ALL Submissions MUST follow the guidelines 

Deadline for all editions is midnight (BST/GMT) the 20th of the month preceeding issue.


CQ International Publishing website can be found at

Read the current SUMMER of FANTASY edition.

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CQ SummerFantasy

The NEXT edition of CQ International Magazine is the November edition, the ‘Sci-Fi Season’ and will be available on (or about) the 1st of November 2017.