Exciting news…

CQI Magazine has now been archived. BUT… You can still read many of the back issues stored in our archivesHERE.

The good news, CQ International Publishing has given birth to a new magazine, an evolution of CQI, called the Electric Press.

To give it its full title, Electric Press – literary insights magazine, which you can find on this link, https://electricpressmagazine.wordpress.com/


Electric Press, as the title suggests, is a literary insights magazine focusing on what readers, that’s the bibliophiles, bookworms and bookaholics of the world, want and like regarding all things book and reading wise.

Crammed full of enlightening, informative, and entertaining articles, Electric Press is the magazine all book lovers want to read… and there are over 50 thousand (already on our list), living in more than 90 countries around the globe.

If you are a follower or subscriber to this, CQI Magazine’s WordPress site, we ask you to head over to  https://electricpressmagazine.wordpress.com/  and follow us there.

We’ll be looking out for you.

Many thanks, Paul and all the team at Electric Press.