Submissions guide

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There are no hard or fast rules regarding features for CQ Magazine as each contributor’s entry varies immensely, however…keeping to the guidelines below helps us with the layout and format of the entire publication.

Features, showcases and other entries accepted are FREE of charge to all Indie authors, artists, artisans, mucisions, singers and other creative folk who hold an annual subscription to CQ International Magazine.

ALL non-subscibing submissions, if accepted, will be asked to make a donation, a minimum of £5.00 towards our inspiration & encouragemant fund.



A brief but informative biography allows the reader to ‘get a feel’ of who you are. It also allows you to give a history of how/why you do what you do. Both of these can endear a reader to you and may just help them decide to purchase you work.



This allows people to see you are a ‘real’ person! Often folk respond far better once they can see what you look like. I know some people are reluctant, for whatever reasons, to have their image displayed publicly. The choice remains yours.



As this is an ‘online’ magazine, therefore images with a minimum DPI of 72 are suitable. Higher resolutions will, of course, work too!

Size is dependent on subject and we will leave that entirely in your hands.

We ask that images are sent in JPEG or PNG format. 



Please forward all forms of writing, stories, poetry, blogs, captions, descriptions and explanations in word doc. or docx. 



Please do NOT FORGET to include your links/web address.

We know you want people to visit your sites, see more of your work and BUY stuff! They will find that very difficult without knowing where to go!

You can include several site addresses, your own website, stores, online retailers, studios, intermediaries etc.

We may not reproduce all of the links you send. So list your prime links first.



One more thing. PLEASE use this email: and put ‘CQ submission’ in the ‘subject’ bar. That way your messages should find us without problems and not get ‘junked or spammed’!



Our deadlines are precisely that. Any and all submissions received after a deadline has expired will NOT be accepted.


By submitting your work, you are granting CQ International Magazine to reproduce your work(s) within CQ International Magazine and giving consent for CQ International Publishing to use all submitted works for marketing and promotion of both yourself/your works and CQ International Publishing/CQ International Magazine, as deemed appropriate by CQ International Publishing, under free perpetual license. CQ Intenational Publishing also reseves the right to reproduce any/all submitted works in anthologies, picture books, illustrated works or in/by any other medium deemed appropriate by CQ International Publishing, without prior notice and without further authority. CQ International Publishing shall not be liable to pay any royalties regarding submitted works used in CQ International Magazine or any future medium of any sort. Copyright of original material remains yours at all times. CQ International Publishing acts on your behalf as an intermediary and has no claim to your work(s) excepting that as stated above or otherwise agreed in writing.