Submissions guide

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There are no hard or fast rules regarding features for CQI Magazine as each submission varies immensely, however… following the guidelines below, helps us with the layout and format of the entire publication.

Features, showcases and other submissions are considered for inclusion on a free of charge basis for all Indie authors, writers, poets, artists, artisans, musicians, singers and other creative folks, along with indie support services, such as book cover designers, illustrators, editors etc.



This allows people to see you are a ‘real’ person. Often people respond better if they can see what you look like. I know some people are reluctant, for whatever reasons, to have their image displayed publicly. The choice remains yours.

Images are only accepted in jpeg/jpg or png formats.



As with the above, when people know something about you as a ‘real’ living person, your motivation and your raison d’etre, they generally respond better.

All text documents to be submitted as .doc or .docx formats and sent as attachments to email



This is an ‘online’ magazine, therefore images with a minimum DPI of 72 are suitable. Higher resolutions will, of course, work too.

Size is dependent on subject and we will leave that entirely in your hands. (All images are subject to size change/cropping/editing, dependent on layout and space available).

Images must be in JPEG (JPG) or PNG format and sent as an attachment in the submissions email.



Please forward all forms of writing, stories, poetry, blogs, captions, descriptions and explanations in word doc. or docx.  as attachments to the submissions email.

Do NOT forward PDF documents. They WILL be rejected.



Please include your links/web address.

You want people to visit your sites, see more of your work and BUY stuff. They will find doing so difficult without knowing where to go.

You can submit several site addresses, your own website, stores, online retailers, studios, intermediaries etc.

We may not reproduce all the links you send. So, list prime links first.



ALL submission MUST use this email:

Ensure the subject bar reads, CQI submission and note the editions month.

This will help your submission avoid the spam bin.



Our deadlines are precisely that. Deadlines. Any and all submissions received after a deadline has expired will NOT be accepted.

Currently, deadlines are Midnight, (GMT/BST) the 20th of the month preceding issue.



Note, CQI Magazine is a non-profit publication produced on behalf of the worlds indie creatives.

Donations to sustain CQI Magazine are welcome and appreciated, thank you.