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Browse the past covers of CQ International Magazine, read how the magazine has evolved, from its humble origins as a promotional medium for a writer, to a fully fledged international publication for all forms of artistic talent, with a readership in 175 countries worldwide.


On JANUARY 8th, 2015, Paul White published his first ‘authors newsletter‘ in the form of a magazine.

He called the newsletter ‘Rambling Away’, a harmonious link with the blogs he was writing at that time, which were Ramblings from a Writers Mind and Further Ramblings.

So, Rambling Away was conceived as a simple promotional tool, a fancy newsletter for our founder, Paul White’s, own books and other works.


Paul’s original publication immediately connected with other writers, who asked if they could include their books in ‘Rambling Away‘.

Paul kindly obliged and published issue No2 of Rambling Away on the 27th of JANUARY 2015.

Once again, Paul’s newsletter was applauded by a wide audience and attracted enquiries from other disciplines of the arts.

This was the catalyst for changing the concept of the newsletter into a fully-fledged magazine.


In APRIL 2015, the first edition of Rambling Away to showcase the works of artists other than writers and poets, hit the digital magazine stands.


By AUGUST 2015, the original title ‘Rambling Away’ was no longer descriptive of the content, or the direction of the magazine was taking. It was even considered to be misleading.

Hence the name change to CQ Magazine. ‘CQ’ originally standing for Creative Quarterly.

Along with the name change, came some design alterations, particularly with regards to the cover.

Striking cover images have always been a major consideration of CQ, with the name change, came the opportunity to create a new publishing style.

Paul introduced a standardised CQ logo and the vertical side-bar. This has allowed the creation of an ongoing, recognisable continuity to the covers of CQ Magazine.


NOVEMBER 2015 saw CQ Magazine’s popularity growing on two fronts.

The first, was the number of artists and writers wishing to contribute to the magazine’s content. The second, the readership numbers that were rapidly growing around the world.

In response to these changes CQ Magazine began to include works and articles in languages other than English.

This is something CQ Magazine actively encourages.


FEBRUARY 2016, was another landmark edition of CQ Magazine.

Due to CQ’s continual growing readership and global content, CQ Magazine was now recognised as an “international periodical publication”.

 In gratitude of such acknowledgement, the word ‘International‘ was added to the CQ masthead and the name changed to CQ International Magazine, to reflect its new status!

This edition was also the first to carry a contributing artists’ work on the cover. The February edition saw digital painter, Dorothy Berry-Lound, with her work, ‘Storm over Umbria‘ featuring.

Another unique feature of February’s CQ International Magazine was the inclusion, or rather attachment, of a ‘piggy-back’ supplement.

This ‘special feature extra’ was in support of conservation and preservation of endangered wildlife, particularly the efforts of the Anti-Rhino Poaching units in Africa.


By MAY 2016, CQ International Magazine was being read in FORTY-TWO countries around the globe.


In AUGUST 2016, the worldwide appeal of CQ International Magazine persists, continuing to attract new readership worldwide boosting our confirmed readership base to SIXTY-NINE countries.

CQ International Magazine merges with TOAD Publishing, a high quality hardcover book publisher and PeeJay design Studio, a specialist digital book, record cover and fine art design studio.

The new organisation is re-named CQ International Publishing.


NOVEMBER 2016. This was the last edition of CQ International Magazine to be distributed on the platform we had previously used. (At least for the time being).

As part of CQ International Magazines growth, distribution was moved to Magzter digital newsstand.

NOVEMBER saw CQ International Magazine reach readers in 78 countries and Magzter expand CQ International Magazine’s availability by another 87 instantly, by way of their distribution networks.

CQ International Publishing welcomed FAV Cinematograph, a specialist video production unit, into its fold, extending the services available from CQ International Publishing.


FEBRUARY 2017 was an edition which marked more than one milestone. It was a bumper edition, featuring the CQ Annual recognition awards and the three, make that four, winners of the CQ second short story challenge.

It was also the last edition to carry the ‘Creative Quarterly’ sidebar.


From MAY 2017, each edition of CQ International Magazine has a prime theme.

MAY 2017 Edition, ‘Focus on Japan’ is the first of these.

AUGUST, will be a ‘Summer of Fantasy

NOVEMBER, (the Christmas edition), is planned as the ‘Sci-Fi Season’.

FEBRUARY 2018, ‘A New-Years Romance’.


Below are the archived covers giving a visual indication of the magazines evolution, which is still continuing.

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