Getting the most from CQI

This post is for those who are unsure what CQ International Publishing has to offer authors, artists and creatives.



CQI is an online, free to read quarterly periodical with a current readership of approximately 50K people spread over 90 countries.

Each quarter CQI magazine bases its main content on a ‘theme’.

The November edition is subtitled ‘Sci-Fi season’ this will be followed by ‘A New Year of Romance’ in January 2018, ‘Crime Wave’ in May and ‘A summer of Sound’ in August and so forth.

If you author books, paint, create music, dance, sculpt, write poetry, blog, sing, dance, draw, make digital art, craft goods, products or design jewellery as an independent creative, then CQI is the place where you can showcase your work to a worldwide audience.

CQI encourages the submissions of articles, stories and poetry in all languages, dual entries in English and another language are most welcomed.

CQI magazine offers a once-only FREE introductory promotional entry into one edition of CQI to all independents.

However, if you join the ‘C-club’, you can take advantage of ongoing FREE advertising and marketing in future editions of CQI magazine and benefit from many of the associated marketing and promotional publications and events mentioned below.

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Submissions: See submissions guide




‘The collection’ is an annual gift ideas catalogue designed to help with year-around giving.

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding or a special day such as Easter, Christmas, Mothers or Father’s Day, The Collection has a great range of gifts to suit, from handmade crafts, Clothing, Greetings and Occasional cards from Puddleduck. High-tech gadgets for the home, presents for Him & Her and much more.

If you make handcrafted goods, have artworks or prints for sale, design tech, then The Collection is a great place to let the world know what you do.

FREE listings for C-club members.

Enquiries: Email –  Subject bar: The Collection 



THE LIST is a catalogue of books carefully selected by CQI.

The books included are fiction, semi-fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photographic and… well almost anything written or compiled by indie authors.

Anthologies, short story and poetry collections welcome. As are photo/coffee table books.

For ease of access, it is preferred if the books are listed on Amazon websites.

Inclusion into THE LIST is primarily by invitation, but requests for listing are accepted for scrutiny.

FREE inclusion (if your book is accepted) for C-club members.

Enquiries: Email –  Subject bar: The List



This is a FREE promotion, ONLY for C-club authors.

CQ International Publishing will select, at random, a C-club members book and promote it over several major social media sites for a minimum of one day.

The Book Blat is FREE, but only applies to C-club members.



As above, but promoting a single piece of a C-club members art.

Includes painting, digital art, collage, jewellery design, handcrafted giftware etc.


You will have notice C-club being mentioned frequently above.

What is C-club and how can you join?

C-club is CQ International Publishing’s way of offering their dedicated followers something special in return.

C- club membership gives prime access to the above and to other, not yet revealed initiatives.

By joining C-club, you will be contributing to the ‘Inspiration & Encouragement fund’. A fund we have established, as the title suggests, to encourage and inspire creative writing and art.

Beneficiaries of this fund are designated by CQI.

Join the C-club today for a nominal fee of £5.00 per annum and start promoting your works, to a global audience for FREE.

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