Getting the most from CQI

This post is for those who are unsure what CQ International Publishing has to offer authors, artists and creatives.



CQI is online, a free to read quarterly periodical with a current readership of approximately 50K people spread over 90 countries.

Each quarter CQI magazine bases its main content on a ‘theme’.

The February edition is subtitled ‘A New Year of Romance’ , the ‘Crime Wave’ issue will be in May, followed by ‘A Summer of Sound’ in August. To round off the year (2018), the November edition is the ‘Horror Quarter‘.

If you author books, paint, create music, dance, sculpt, write poetry, blog, sing, dance, draw, make digital art, are a photographer, craft goods, products or design jewellery as an independent creative, or an artisan, then CQI is the place where you can showcase your work to a worldwide audience.

CQI encourages the submissions of articles, stories and poetry in all languages, dual entries in English and any another language(s) are most welcome.

CQI magazine offers FREE introductory promotional entry into one edition of CQI to all independents. (Subject to CQI’s arbitrary acceptance!)

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Submissions: See submissions guide