CQ International Magazine are constantly looking for ways to improve, expand and ways to ensure we reach the widest audience possible. By doing so, we can showcase your work and talent to the world.

With an established readership in 84 countries, CQ International Magazine ranges farther and beyond the reach of many other forms of promotion.

The best news, for indie authors, artists, creatives and their support services, is the introduction of the C-club, which allows members ongoing FREE features, showcases and advertising in CQ International Magazine whenever they wish.

Membership of the C-club gives FREE access to over 47,000+ readers, in 84 countries, (and growing) with each quarterly edition.

An annual, nominal membership fee of £5.00, secures members FREE promotions in CQ International Magazine and any future associated promotions, such as the ‘Random Book Blat’.

The Random Book Blat, takes a C-club members book (at random), creates a promo poster and book link, then Blats it to targeted CQ readers, along with groups and communities on prime social media sites.

It’s just one of our FREE promotions exclusivly for C-club members.

Please note, part of the C-club subscription fee is used for CQ International Publishing’s ‘Inspiration & Encouragement fund‘.

Paul White, Editor in Cheif.

Joining is simple, use the Paypal Button for you membership fee.

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Don’t forget to write C-club on your remittance advice.

We will email you with conformation and your C-club members badge.


Submission deadline and theme schedule.


Please note: Unless otherwise stated, final submission dates for ALL editions of CQ International Magazine is the 20th of the month preceding publication.

As part of the continued development of CQ International Magazine, forthcoming editions will have a prime theme :-

August 2017  is the ‘Summer of Fantasy’   (current issue)

November, the Christmas edition, is ‘Sci-Fi Season’ (submissions open 10th September)

February 2018, ‘A new-year of Romance’

May 2018, ‘Crime Wave’

August 2018, ‘The Horror Quarter’

Beyond which, we have nothing scheduled, just flexible ideas.

Check this blog regularly to keep updated with the latest news from CQ International Magazine. Better still, follow this blogpage and be advised whenever there is an update.

Don’t worry, we do not spam. We only post genuine update notifications.

Submissions for each edition must be made following the published guidelines.

All Indie authors, artists, creatives and support, who are members of the C-club benefit from FREE promotions.

ALL others will incur standard advertising fees.