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The List 2019

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Submission deadline and theme schedule.


Please note: Unless otherwise stated, final submission dates for ALL editions of CQI Magazine is the 20th of the month preceding publication.

As part of the continued development of CQI Magazine, forthcoming editions will have a prime theme:-

August 2017  is the ‘Summer of Fantasy’   (current issue)

November, the Christmas edition, is ‘Sci-Fi Season’ 

February 2018, ‘A New-year of Romance’ 

May, ‘Crime Wave’   

August, ‘A Summer of Sound‘ 

November, ‘The Horror Quarter’  OUT NOW

Publication of CQI Magazine is suspended until further notice due to the internal reorganisation of CQ International and its several divisions.

February 2019 ‘Thrillers & Suspense season’

May ‘Ghostly Paranormal hauntings

Beyond which, we have nothing scheduled, just flexible ideas.

Check this blog regularly to keep updated with the latest news from CQI. Better still, follow this blog page and be advised whenever there is an update.

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Submissions for each edition must be made following the published guidelines.

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