Important and informative notice. Please read.


Submissions notices for future editions of CQ Magazine.

Please note: Unless otherwise stated, final submission dates for ALL editions of CQ International Magazine is the 20th of the month preceding publication.

As part of the continued development of CQ Magazine, forthcoming editions will have a prime theme :-

August will be a ‘Summer of Fantasy’

November, the Christmas edition, is planned as the ‘Sci-Fi Season’.

February 2018, the ‘A new-year of Romance’.

May 2018,  has been scheduled as  ‘The Horror Quarter’

Beyond which, we have nothing scheduled, just flexible ideas!

Check this blog to keep up dated with what’s going on in CQ Land! Better still, subscribe today and be advised when the site is updated.

Don’t worry, we do not send spam or try to sell you anything! We only post genuine update notifications.

Submissions for each edition must be made following the published guidelines.

All Indie authors and artists MUST hold a valid annual subscription to benefit from free promotions, otherwise an advertising fee WILL be charged before acceptance.

Getting inside CQ Magazine.


Advertisement formats in CQ Magazine can vary immensely.

PLEASE NOTE: These are commercial business rates.

Below are our standard sizes. Please contact us if you have other requirements.


¼ page. Standard only. £20.

1/3rd page. vertical banner only. £28

½ page. Horizontal / vertical. £35.

Full page. £70.

DPS. £120.

IFC. £80.

IBC. £75.

OBC. £180.

Other special placements add 10%


This is a paid entry, a pure advert for a particular product or service masquerading as an article by cleverly designing it into the ‘flow’ of the magazine.  £POA

Please contact CQ directly to discuss your advertorial requirements.  gb_2x3