CQ International Magazine’s name change


At CQ International Publishing we constantly strive to give indie authors and artists the best possible medium for promoting their works, while maintaining an interesting and entertaining publication for our readers.

Like a balancing act, it needs constant adjustment to keep everybody happy and smiling.

So far, we have managed fairly well, our readership now tops 50k, spread over 88 countries.

As part of our continuous drive to deliver the best, CQ International Magazine has now become CQI. A much shorter and easily manageable title for our magazine.

Over the next few months and into the new year, CQI will be revealing some new satellite publications such as THE LIST, a select collection of books, written by indie authors, commended by CQI magazine.

The Gift collection – a guide to year-around giving, another publication to look out for. As the name suggests, it contains a curation of especially selected gifts ideas for every occasion and event, all year around.

There are many other reasons to keep in touch with CQI, as an artist, artisan, writer, poet, author, painter, musician, dancer, sculptor, or whichever artistic bent you excel at, CQI is the magazine you need to showcase your work to the world.

As a reader, CQI is ‘the‘ magazine which brings you amazing insights and introductions into the world of indie creatives around the entire globe.

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The best news, for indie authors, artists, creatives and their support services, is the introduction of the C-club, which allows members ongoing FREE features, showcases and advertising in CQI whenever they wish. (subject to availability.)

Membership of the C-club gives FREE access to over 50,000+ readers, in 88 countries, (and growing) with each quarterly edition.

An annual, nominal membership fee of £5.00, secures members FREE promotions in CQI and any future associated promotions, such as the ‘Random Book Blat’.

The Random Book Blat, takes a C-club members book (at random), creates a promo poster and book link, then Blats it to targeted CQI readers, along with groups and communities on prime social media sites.

Subscribe to this blog to be alerted and informed of other upcoming and planned promotions for C-club members.

Please note, part of the C-club subscription fee is used for CQ International Publishing’s ‘Inspiration & Encouragement fund‘.

Paul White, Editor in Cheif.

Joining is simple, use the Paypal Button for you membership fee.

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If you want to make doubly sure we know you have joined the C-club, email & inform us directly, at CQinternational@mail.com

Don’t forget to write C-club on your remittance advice & email.

We will email you back with conformation and your C-club members badge.