The Legal bit.

The legal bit… which has to be here for the protection of our contributors and editorial staff, because society and a vast majority of the individuals within it, have become so obsessed with a self-presumed righteousness and a manic fixation for supposedly justifiable compensation, which is primarily foisted from pure greed, the common person going about their daily business, now walks through an unseen minefield of litigable vulnerabilities each moment of their waking lives.

No longer is a nod, or a simple handshake, assurance and guarantee of even the simplest agreements. Now lingers a fear, fostered by the lawyers and promoted by the media, which hangs over us all as a dark cloud of foreboding.

It is a loathful disease, a cancer in our society. It is an affront to decency and mutual trust. One we find ourselves unable to escape from, so are forced to write the following:


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